Health Festival-2018: Sport ahead of the planet!

September 15, 2018, Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Physics and Mathematics in Almaty in the Park of the First President held a sports event “Health Festival-2018: Sport ahead of the planet!”. The festival was opened by the director of the school Raissova Kulfarida Babagumarovna, having made a welcoming speech, wished everyone good luck and a wonderful sports day.
This festival was held under the slogan “Sports ahead of the planet!” The purpose of the event is to create and increase the effectiveness of the team; propaganda for an active and healthy lifestyle. Participants of the event were students, parents, teaching staff. The festival was continued with a flash mob, which involved more than 890 pupils of the school. In the continuation of the holiday, the vocal group performed the song “Champions”.
During the sports festival, mobile games were organized. The teams of 19 Shanyrak passed various obstacles, each of which could manifest themselves. In addition, it was necessary to demonstrate team cohesion: to go through a group of complex distances. Along with this, psychologists demonstrated interesting exercises to improve team cohesion, and the medical staff of the school conducted activities to provide first aid to the victims.
A useful and productive day caused a desire to lead an active lifestyle, more attention to physical perfection, and, therefore, to health.

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