Nauryz – Kazakh new year.

Nazarbayev Intellectual school of physics and mathematics in Almaty solemnly celebrated the spring holiday of Nauryz. For every Kazakh this month is commemorated as a month of abundance, prosperity, spring renewal and unity of peoples. Nauryz is of great importance for every person is a holiday of strengthening peace, harmony and friendship. At the gala concert the pupils of the school demonstrated their talents, demonstrated a theatrical performance, sang folk songs for parents, teachers, guests of the school. Along with this, the cups of pottery and the sewing workshop held master classes for all comers. Guests, parents have tasted the traditional dishes of the holiday-Nauryz Kozhe. Expressed gratitude to the school communities Shanyrak. Sporting events were organized: asyatu, togyzkumalak, lifting weights, arm wrestling.
This event was aimed at strengthening and developing the national spirit and values.
Nauryz’s history is profoundly a balance between nature and man, the renewal of the world, as well as the inner world of Man. May all your dreams come true in the bright, good holiday of Nauryz and all your hopes will come true. Peace, prosperity, joy, success to you and your loved ones !!!

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